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Quality Guaranteed

- Why a quality produced and overwrapped  form is important.
At paperuk we ensure that all our stock and bespoke forms are produced to a very high quality specification as we recognise that most of the time they are used in ‘mission critical’ operations, such as busy picking and despatch operations.
We produce bespoke forms using preprint grades which are 100% laser guaranteed and supply them either wrapped in reams of 500 forms or provided in an overwrapped box. A ‘forms handling information’ sheet goes inside with all our stock forms.
All our latest stock forms are produced using a 100% recycled paper which is also 100% laser guaranteed. If you are satisfied with a laser compatible grade with no over wrapping of forms or box, we can provide this also.
We asked four of the UK'S highest level production managers why it is important to supply a well packaged and overwrapped product.
Production Manager 1
The practice of shrink wrapping is one that I would recommend to all users for the following reasons:-
With the increased demand for laser guaranteed products paper manufacturers have developed low moisture content papers. The main problem with low moisture preprint grade papers is that the rate of moisture ingression is high.

This moisture ingression causes two main problems:

  1. Paper curl which in turn will cause miss feeding.
  2. Delamination of any integrated product.
The practice of shrink wrapping also protects your product from handling during transit – although every care will be taken to deliver your goods in perfect condition moisture ingression during transit is very common.
Storage of the product prior to processing is often in a cold warehouse – When goods are moved into a warm office from a cold storage area the rate of moisture ingression increases. If the goods are shrinkwrapped, they are protected from these changes.
To conclude in my opinion, shrinkwrapping of integrated products is essential.
Production Manager 2
  1. It protects the paper from moisture. Paper with too much moisture content may cause problems when running through the laser printer.
  2. It protects the paper from any temperature changes which again can cause running problems.
  3. By wrapping in 500s it allows the end-user to open in small batches, leaving the rest of the box protected until it is required.

Production Manager 3

I recommend shrinkwrapping the entire outer box. By enclosing in this way moisture content cannot seep into the outer packaging and cause any form of delamination of the forms. It also saves time in processing as once the box is opened the forms are immediately ready for use.
Production Manager 4
I strongly recommend shrinkwrapping/ream wrapping any products for two main reasons.
  1. The prevention of moisture contamination of stock inside wraps.
  2. Tougher more durable handling efficiencies whilst in use.

As an added benefit products become more compact and presentation levels exceed any standard work, particularly in transit.

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