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Go Recycle!

100% Recycled is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We can also supply 'Linerless Labels' as a bespoke make where the whole form is recyclable. 

We can also supply custom made integrated label forms on 100% recycled preprint grades which are made from 100% UK recovered waste.

The waste is collected from London and the South East and reprocessed in Kent. Making one tonne of recycled paper:-

  • Saves 15 trees,
  • Uses 64% less energy, 50% less water
  • Creates 74% less pollution compared to paper made from virgin materials.
  • It is also chlorine free.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the label backer patch on integrated label forms is non recyclable, therefore we would ask you to detach the backer patch from the form once the label(s) have been applied. (Stock forms A4 2IL, 3IL and 1SL have a horizontal perforation which allows you to detach the backer patch section). Once removed, please recycle the form in the normal recycling process. This will therefore prevent any contamination within the recycling chain. We also encourage users to add a line of text to their forms advising their customers to follow this procedure.

You can ‘close the loop’ by encouraging your business to buy recycled paper. Remember, the more businesses that buy recycled products the cheaper it becomes to get your waste recycled. 
If you are keen to use a 100% recycled paper for your current preprinted forms, we can help you convert. Our design team will add a 'recycle' message to the face or reverse of your form and incorporate the recycle logo. During the last 3 months approx 30% of our bespoke orders have been produced on a 100% recycled paper. Don't forget to check out our Linerless Labels page in the Products section for more information!
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