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Promotional Labels

Promotional LabelsAs the Returns Label is a fair percentage of the total cost of the form but only used in a small/medium percentage of cases, we encourage retailers to increase the returns label by approx 10mm in depth. We then die cut the label into two and create a small promotional label. This means that the label is not totally wasted should a return not be required.

The promotional label can promote an important contact telephone number, buying number or web address reminder. It can be applied to a hard drive, monitor or diary. We have detailed a simple case study below on how much extra this would cost.
Case Study
The cost for an A4 sheet printed 1 colour on face and reverse with an integrated ‘returns label’ that measures 92mm x 61mm would cost approx £31.00 per1000 forms based on a quantity of 20,000 forms purchased.
If you increase the depth of that label by 10mm and die cut the label into two, creating a promotional label measuring 92mm wide x 10mm deep either under or above the returns label, the price would increase by just £8.00 per1000 forms or £160.00 in total.
If this helped increase sales by just 1% from a quantity of 20,000 orders that would be 200 orders.
If the average cost of an order was say £20.00, the extra sales created would be £4000.00. That sounds like a pretty good return on £160.00.
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