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Stock Forms

Stock forms with has four stock forms with label(s) that you can buy online.
Click here to view our stock forms.

All stock forms have integrated labels with a strong permanent adhesive and are 100% laser guaranteed.
Each box is shrinkwrapped to prevent the documents from getting damp in transit and taking in moisture. Each box contains 1000 forms along with an 'forms handling instructions sheet'.

Stock Form 1
: 1 integrated label that measures 92mm wide x 61mm deep used for despatch or returns. more>>

Stock Form 2: A very popular form with two integrated labels, each measuring 95mm wide x 65mm deep butted together at the foot of the form, also known as a ‘cat and mouse’ label combination. One is used for despatch and one for returns. This form has a horizontal perforation which allows the label area to be detached if necessary. more>>

Stock Form 3: Our most popular form. A revised version of Stock Form 2 with an extra ‘promotional label’ above the returns label that measures 95mm wide x 10mm deep. If the returns label is not used, why not use part of the label to promote a web address or hotline telephone number. This form has a horizontal perforation. more>>

Stock Form 4: Similar to stock form 1 but with a much larger integrated label that measures 160mm wide x 100mm deep. This form has a horizontal perforation. more>>

Documents with integrated labels are commonly known as and used as:-
  • Despatch/Returns Notes
  • Delivery Notes
  • Packing Notes
  • Advice Notes
  • Picking Slips
  • Collates
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Inserts
  • Returns Form
  • Customer Copy
Who uses documents with integrated labels?
  • All sizes of mail order business
  • Multi-channel retailers
  • Online retailers
  • E-bay sellers
  • Businesses looking to introduce or increase their direct channel
Who are the people contacting us?
  • Operations Managers
  • Distribution/Logistics Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing Departments
  • E-commerce/Mail Order Managers
  • Picking Co-ordinators
  • No more printing separate label operations as the label is printed at the same time as document.
  • Eliminates the possibility of mismatches between label and goods.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Helps with returns procedures.
  • Promotes your business in a positive way.

Label Peeling Tip - Always try to peel the label from the edge and not the corner.

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